Difference Between Referral and Organic Traffic

paid traffic vs organic traffic


In order to understand the difference between referral traffic and organic traffic, it is necessary first to understand the meaning of traffic itself.


Traffic basically means the number of visitors or people visiting your website by either clicking ads or through the Google links. So, organic traffic can be defined as traffic or a visitor that comes to your blog or website with the help of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. In most cases, organic traffic has a more natural affiliation than the help of paid ads or links.


However, the grey area remains that the volume of your organic traffic will be lesser compared to the huge amount of organic that will be energized to enter your site when paid traffic is active for the same website link.  


Referral traffic is a type of traffic in which a visitor or a type of traffic happens to your website not with the help of an actual search engine such as Google but with the help of other sites. So this is the primary difference between organic traffic and referral traffic.


Regarding organic traffic, the people visiting your website or blog come from a major search engine such as Google or yahoo.com. They must have searched for a particular thing, and your blog or link must have shown in the top-level web search, and they have arrived on your web page. This sort of traffic is known as organic traffic. Referral traffic, on the other hand, is a different type of traffic.


Referral traffic which appears to have a distinct definition from referral traffic operates as a driving force (for the organic traffic).


Paid traffics are paid ads. Visitors are not initially originated by search engines, but once active, search engines, such as google, quickly detect your URL and consider it relevant to elevate its position to appear naturally listed on thier directories.


The referral traffic visitor originates from ads displayed, organic traffic originates from search engines. If you compare both of these two types of traffics, organic traffic is much more beneficial. Still, with the limited number of visitors to gain through this medium, the choice is deficient for profit-driven business websites.


You need a volume of visitors to increase your chances of getting leads and sales, which can only be gained through paid traffic.


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